Status update, While the world of crypto currency is running its numbers, I won’t be losing any sleep over it.  HeckaTech1337 will be online in September 2018 while this summer will be spent researching, relaxing and learning new technologies in South East Asia.  Ai Vanguard is coming along well. We our expanding our Wings to enable rapid deployment and Development of Technical Security Operational Code within our planned IOS applications.  INFO-SEC hiring and guidance protocols will be available to American Citizen within the scope of prior military service. We our an American Owned and Veteran Operated company,  We our Proud Supporters of President Trump ~LEE7 out


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The Tech of it all.

Should technology be muted to our younger generations such as children under 8 for a more developmental and well balanced life. The use of tech in children has proven to advance some learning abilities but the downside may be more detrimental than thought. addictive behaviors in social media and violence in computer games create cognitive numbness to the reality of life. Massive shootings by young people is a result of two things one violence in computer games starting at a younger age every year, second the educational system is not education, its programming and its Pandora’s box has been open. I’m surprised it took so long for Silicon Valley Elite to implement no tech with their children, I guess they were to busy making money off of everyone else.~1337

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Is Social Media Addicting.

Is social media (SM) addicting? I guess that depends on who you ask? From a doctors point of view one might say yes. From a hackers point of view I would say no. The reason is social media uses a system of reward when notifications are checked, then time delayed to the user in a psychological way to make the user want to receive more likes so it pushes them to post more being controlled by a Ai program in a way. I use social media as a business I only connect via WiFi which totally screws SM’s Ai programs up they cannot predict when I will check in on WiFi but they do get a notification and small reward.~1337

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Time for a change Google.

Google has become a risk, It would be advisable to obtain the asset as a Government agency The new Google should be connected to the CIA and NSA as a data repository for current illegal and terrorist tracking activities. This would reduce worldwide crime dramatically and deter potential criminals.

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Big Data’s Darkerside

With the growing advancements in Data architecture, the darker side will hit the emotions of some and pockets of many industries in ways they may not have expected. Recent news shows the % of which college team is more likely to win, Great I know who to bet on and I don’t need to go to the game because my team will win anyway. Data analytics will change the way we see sports emotionally and financially for the industry. Just a few thoughts on a billion dollar industry.

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The Avatar point

You live your life online your not in the real world anymore but we sent this message in to activate a few of you. Since the beginning of online gaming and VR and AU we have been manipulating the world you see and hear. You leave your world and snack from time to time, but return ever so quickly to your Dumbphone or online gaming system. A beach house a mansion a world of illusion designed to make to you buy it and you did. ~1337

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The Tree of Life represents all that is in alignment with living. Its a symbol and a reality that serves to remind us of the importance of everything and how it all works together to serve the betterment of the whole. Imagine a tree taking root in your own backyard. As it is fed with the rain of heaven, the warmth of the sun, the nutrients in the soil and the cycle of shedding the old and bearing the new, we can see God at work. The Tree of Life not only signifies the mechanics of God but also the compassion. It provides shade and protection. It bears fruit that will nourish us and in many cases offers its whole being. The Tree of Life touches every global community and penetrates every religion known to mankind. It has a physiological blueprint that parallels the universes design and all that has been manifested here on Earth. You will find the universal Law of Seven in every facet of its existence. Like the Seven Chakras, the Seven Archangels, and the Seven Octaves, The Tree of Life has seven branches that represent a union of all that is; supported by the trunk. This represents our strength and diversity in acknowledging the many different aspects of ourselves. The branches are seen as male and female. The lowest or first branch symbolizes our Body Self; our sense of wellness. The second is an expression of our Personality; its vitality determines how well we are received and perceived by others. The third branch represents our relationship with the divine and how easily we are able to connect. The fourth branch signifies our thirst for Knowledge. The fifth branch is called the Void. Its health facilitates an understanding of the collective consciousness of oneness. The sixth branch represents our Truth; the Essence of who we are; the ‘I Am’. The seventh and final branch, like the crown chakra is the primary portal or connection to the divine allowing one to explore that which is not attached or of the physical body. Keeping our own Tree of Life healthy is vital if we are to be productive instruments of God. But most importantly, the thing to remember is that the Tree of Life represents the highest degree of the world of existence; the position of the Word of God, and the Supreme Manifestation. Its no wonder so many are driven to save the trees on this beloved planet. Each leaf that flourishes as a result of our love is said to summon another angel to our side. And fortunately, we have many angels, legions of angels governed by the likes of the ‘Magnificent Seven’ Archangels in our presence committed to sustaining our significance and the integrity with which we were created.


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The Truth about the Internet.

News feeds and images created by CGI can practically make anything look real. Today anyone can be a writer or journalist without thought to the need of a real education in the matter. News reports like China blowing up churches our just lies from friends who live there. Stories about all Muslims people our bad all just lies to propel you to think the way the designers want you to think. No more need for a TV to be programmed by we now have the internet. If everyone used the internet as just a tool for fun or education that would make a big difference in the way the world’s political altercations would play out. The point I guess I’m really trying to make is We all need to get our news from better sources than the Internet or create a new world news organization online in multiple languages with only uploaded videos for news by the people and you decide.

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The Need for the great speaking Dragon

No, it’s not about dragons, but I thought that might spark your curiosity.  One might think in such an age of technological wonderment’s that we could produce a good voice recognition system (VRS) worthy of praise, I think Google leads the pack, but the race is far from finished. I would much rather speak my texting messages then text it. the same for my emails, OK so you can read them emails but you still can’t type them. Using the keyboard to me just seems so 1980’s unless I’m coding.  I think an interface computer linking to your personal desktop, notebook, or Ipad would have the processing power to pull it off.  The device must be solely for a VRS to be worthy of its design and practical application across multiple devices.  I want to be able to talk to my computer like in retro star trek episodes, that would be a feat android.  I guess maybe another 10-15 years I’ll have to wait.

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Cash vs Cashless The food option

Its true 40% of Americans prefer to use credit cards for payments and 35% prefer debit cards. The benefits in a mega society outweighs the cost and risk associated with a cashless society, Risks you say? I never look at something from its intended purpose, but from all possible uses that can arise.  Knowing my eating habits and possibly selling that data is not my idea of a better mouse trap.  We all know that options to protect our personal information is about as safe as skateboarding the top of a 747, It can be done but not advised.  I would say the same about having all my favorite noshing places demanded plastic or a chip under my skin.  As far as I know Thailand +66 6****** will become the worlds first cashless society or at least its their ambition.  All I’m saying is cashless is great but, It has its downsides to be observed. ~1337.

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