Vibrations our a part of everything in this world down to the most atomic level, we live in a world of vibrations from thoughts to emotions to metals to wood, Knowledge of vibrations prove that nothing that we think is solid actually is solid, its illusionary but most accept things as solids. The deeper we pierce the world of vibrations the greater we connect our consciousness to its true state of being, We our but a vibration of thought within a matrix of space, one with it yet separated by a vessel, eternal in nature but masked by the thought of death.

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BLOCKCHAIN ~from coin to code

While Satoshi may have created bitcoin and surprised the world with his creation, his sudden disappearance does leave much to ponder along with the technology legacy he leaves behind. Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) also known as Blockchain has opened many eager eyes and rightfully so, It was long overdue the process for securing transactions and other forms of communication. I have been diving into Blockchain head first here in Vietnam and Thailand over the last 3 months on my vacation/work days, everyday is a Monday and I love it. Hashing it out is what its all about, While many argue scalability is an issue with DLT, I say that depends on what application its being used for. On a national level it may run into problems and hit thresholds just as servers have in the past with SQL but these our symptoms of the whole not the whole. DLT or Blockchain as I’d like to refer to it, is well on it way for one example to be experimented in the airline industry and as food supply chains and fuels our of the utmost importance in this industry, blockchain can reduce the number of contracts into a more streamlined and secure process, as many different vendors supply the chain of such organizations. Having worked in Aerospace, Finance, Health, Gaming and other industries I can see multiple uses and adjust the processes of how such technology would work to the benefit of these industries. Its not an out of the box solution for each company but truly a secure more efficient and reliable one. As I work and develop new blockchain based applications and uses, I see an illuminated future for Blockchain /DLT.


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Hollywood needs Revamping

Although Hollywoods has had it ups and downs through the years, Times our changing. If Hollywood wants to get back to the days of nostalgic filmmaking they our going to need to use technology more efficiently and effectively.

In its current state too many films our crossing the line from film into animation with CGI pushing that wave of misguided direction. When film becomes animation its no longer a film but a cartoon to me and maybe to others as well, Or when actors do unbelievable stunts like mile high skyscrapers I just walk out of the theater in disappointment, Don’t get me wrong Marvel is a great franchise with plausible technology, Its the other films making CGI look foolish to the educated viewer.

I miss well written and directed movies Hollywood!

A + Fallout was great, as expected

A Dangerous minds excellent storyline and movie

C. Skyscraper unrealistic

A+ The Spy Who dumped me, Fantastic comedy by two Excellent actresses top notch!

Thank you for reading, I like to keep it short and to the point.

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CyberSecurity Eco Systems

Cyber security holes is like an eco system in recovery at the moment. Their are many systems running on “Extremely” out dated software anything from DOS to windows Backdoor versions that were never patched on purpose. Job security was the issue back in the day so many programmers made sure what they wrote they also controlled in one way or another, thus opening the backdoor conversation.

Moving into todays platforms similar tactics our being implemented in the App arena where simple apps our consistently trying to acquisition your data for the purpose of profit. The premises is being able to “make your application experience more functional”, this is a legitimate claim but not by at least 40% of the apps being downloaded today. The numbers our simple to run 4 of 10 apps really don’t need your “WiFi connection information ” if the app never touches the internet like many games that don’t require a connection but still our looking for that information.

Cyber Security is like a giant Eco system in recovery, We have many apps and programs out there that were designed without security in mind or at least not from the point of a programmer. These apps and programs run many Enterprise Organizations and these organizations have been slow to upgrade the legacy systems, The mindless thought is its not broken why waste money to fix it. Running an Organization at the C level or above should not be Playing Russian roulette with a major company, its a bad career move. Justification for expenditure is clear and present, just open your eyes beyond the level of comfort for a bit and I’m sure you’ll see it. If your running an organization and you think posting quotes of GOD is the way to save your ORG, I’m sorry to inform you, your wrong. A proactive approach needs to be implemented and not talked about at the round table for 6 months, tech is moving faster by the day as well as the criminal minds were trying to keep at bay. A good hard look at your Networks, Apps, Programs, Employees and security policies needs to be updated according to the standards of 2018 not 1900 (Tesla WiFi timeline). Its time for Blockchain to become part of this equation in our design and thinking to tackle a beast you need a beast, Blockchain is that beast.

As new applications and programs our built the eco system will clean itself, the problem being time and resources our not on the side of the ORG. This in mind, The race to clean our CyberSecurity Eco Systems is on, As well as the race to clean the rest of the planet from out toxic ways of design.

We design, invent, construct, test, and build everything we do with Security being the focus priority of our work & endeavors. We don’t claim to know everything or have the answers to all problems but you cant bet we won’t stop till we find that answer. HekaTech1337

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Status update, While the world of crypto currency is running its numbers, I won’t be losing any sleep over it.  HeckaTech1337 will be online in September 2018 while this summer will be spent researching, relaxing and learning new technologies in South East Asia.  Ai Vanguard is coming along well. We our expanding our Wings to enable rapid deployment and Development of Technical Security Operational Code within our planned IOS applications.  INFO-SEC hiring and guidance protocols will be available to American Citizen within the scope of prior military service. We our an American Owned and Veteran Operated company,  We our Proud Supporters of President Trump ~LEE7 out


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The Tech of it all.

Should technology be muted to our younger generations such as children under 8 for a more developmental and well balanced life. The use of tech in children has proven to advance some learning abilities but the downside may be more detrimental than thought. addictive behaviors in social media and violence in computer games create cognitive numbness to the reality of life. Massive shootings by young people is a result of two things one violence in computer games starting at a younger age every year, second the educational system is not education, its programming and its Pandora’s box has been open. I’m surprised it took so long for Silicon Valley Elite to implement no tech with their children, I guess they were to busy making money off of everyone else.~1337

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Is Social Media Addicting.

Is social media (SM) addicting? I guess that depends on who you ask? From a doctors point of view one might say yes. From a hackers point of view I would say no. The reason is social media uses a system of reward when notifications are checked, then time delayed to the user in a psychological way to make the user want to receive more likes so it pushes them to post more being controlled by a Ai program in a way. I use social media as a business I only connect via WiFi which totally screws SM’s Ai programs up they cannot predict when I will check in on WiFi but they do get a notification and small reward.~1337

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Time for a change Google.

Google has become a risk, It would be advisable to obtain the asset as a Government agency The new Google should be connected to the CIA and NSA as a data repository for current illegal and terrorist tracking activities. This would reduce worldwide crime dramatically and deter potential criminals.

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Big Data’s Darkerside

With the growing advancements in Data architecture, the darker side will hit the emotions of some and pockets of many industries in ways they may not have expected. Recent news shows the % of which college team is more likely to win, Great I know who to bet on and I don’t need to go to the game because my team will win anyway. Data analytics will change the way we see sports emotionally and financially for the industry. Just a few thoughts on a billion dollar industry.

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The Tree of Life represents all that is in alignment with living. Its a symbol and a reality that serves to remind us of the importance of everything and how it all works together to serve the betterment of the whole. Imagine a tree taking root in your own backyard. As it is fed with the rain of heaven, the warmth of the sun, the nutrients in the soil and the cycle of shedding the old and bearing the new, we can see God at work. The Tree of Life not only signifies the mechanics of God but also the compassion. It provides shade and protection. It bears fruit that will nourish us and in many cases offers its whole being. The Tree of Life touches every global community and penetrates every religion known to mankind. It has a physiological blueprint that parallels the universes design and all that has been manifested here on Earth. You will find the universal Law of Seven in every facet of its existence. Like the Seven Chakras, the Seven Archangels, and the Seven Octaves, The Tree of Life has seven branches that represent a union of all that is; supported by the trunk. This represents our strength and diversity in acknowledging the many different aspects of ourselves. The branches are seen as male and female. The lowest or first branch symbolizes our Body Self; our sense of wellness. The second is an expression of our Personality; its vitality determines how well we are received and perceived by others. The third branch represents our relationship with the divine and how easily we are able to connect. The fourth branch signifies our thirst for Knowledge. The fifth branch is called the Void. Its health facilitates an understanding of the collective consciousness of oneness. The sixth branch represents our Truth; the Essence of who we are; the ‘I Am’. The seventh and final branch, like the crown chakra is the primary portal or connection to the divine allowing one to explore that which is not attached or of the physical body. Keeping our own Tree of Life healthy is vital if we are to be productive instruments of God. But most importantly, the thing to remember is that the Tree of Life represents the highest degree of the world of existence; the position of the Word of God, and the Supreme Manifestation. Its no wonder so many are driven to save the trees on this beloved planet. Each leaf that flourishes as a result of our love is said to summon another angel to our side. And fortunately, we have many angels, legions of angels governed by the likes of the ‘Magnificent Seven’ Archangels in our presence committed to sustaining our significance and the integrity with which we were created.


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