Facial Recognition Heaven

While its true as technology expands the realms of security, Facial and bio recognition devices and software will become a more everyday norm. Today that norm is coming in the form of the new iPhoneX as users freely give away their most valued data, themselves.

While Its understood that Apple will hold that data somewhere in its labyrinth. Who will own it? or resell it? its a Q I have? Can we as the product of such devices sell our own Data to companies? I can imagine a day when companies will buy that data just to market you in a way your not able to avoid. Having the worlds Facial Recognition database of high end phone users is Quite a feat, Bravo Apple.

FaceBook bent on destroying the social eco system of human growth will introduce Facial Recognition in a future version, my crystal ball speaks volumes on this. I’m not sure if Android will ever see a secure OS before their exploding batteries return. While Crypto currencies roam the web, No Facial Recognition connection has been established yet.


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