Bitcoin’s AI, Sky-net is active.

Most of you remember sky-net in the classic film Terminator. Today sky net has been replaced with the first iteration of the future to come, Sophia who is an AI with remarkable abilities is a mere lego robot when compared to the processing power of bitcoins AI. It’s been estimated that the worlds top 500 most powerful computers our 100 slower than the bitcoin AI.

So you ask what do you mean bitcoin and AI, Let me explain, Bitcoin came out of nowhere less than 5 years ago to amass currently over 200 Billion is capital. Bitcoin’s inventor we know little about and then suddenly he has disappeared. Its been commented by one of the world best hackers that the code looks too perfect to be written by a human, suggesting AI.

I can see how easily it would be to link the processing power of millions of users and the reward of privacy. It shows how easy it is to change rules or laws by bringing it to the people, who rightfully should have that vote a final. The beast is alive and well, growing in knowledge everyday. I joke when I say beast because AI is the future of man absence of the fact if man sees it or not.

Ever wonder why conspiracy theories are not solved more quickly, mostly because those who would rather we forget than have to make laws that restrict us from pursuing its truth.

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