JUST A THOUGHT, Self driving cars.

I saw the prototype of Ubers self driving car and thought but what about all those Uber drivers, I guess we can just make a new service and buy our own self driving cars. Let’s call it people mover after the Walt Disney attraction in Florida. But seriously I think its so great that tech can accomplish such feats I also hope some of those tech giants keep an open for the people who may lose because they just didn’t see it coming. We would be more than happy to be involved in any startups or companies that can align with that type of thinking.

Self Driving cars will really blow up I expect once the first 1 or 2 hit the market. I can see fleets of Pizza Huts now blocking up traffic at some point in time. I wonder if all Fast food chains will hop on board I imagine almost every type of company in the world can find a great use for a self driving car. I can see entire sections of businesses and employees just being wiped right out of their positions. No tips for the autonomous vehicle and no job for the delivery man, And let not forget the traditional jobs in America that built good values like delivering the paper, gone, NYT will have a fleet to deliver its paper before you can say fired. And did anyone think about cab drivers, well once the company converts those taxi’s and town-cars to self driving its more jobs gone as well. This is just round one of a very step in the future we have taken. I wonder how the number of jobs world wide will be affected, Just a thought.

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