Cash vs Cashless The food option

Its true 40% of Americans prefer to use credit cards for payments and 35% prefer debit cards. The benefits in a mega society outweighs the cost and risk associated with a cashless society, Risks you say? I never look at something from its intended purpose, but from all possible uses that can arise.  Knowing my eating habits and possibly selling that data is not my idea of a better mouse trap.  We all know that options to protect our personal information is about as safe as skateboarding the top of a 747, It can be done but not advised.  I would say the same about having all my favorite noshing places demanded plastic or a chip under my skin.  As far as I know Thailand +66 6****** will become the worlds first cashless society or at least its their ambition.  All I’m saying is cashless is great but, It has its downsides to be observed. ~1337.

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