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Status update, While the world of crypto currency is running its numbers, I won’t be losing any sleep over it.  HeckaTech1337 will be online in September 2018 while this summer will be spent researching, relaxing and learning new technologies in … Continue reading

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The Tech of it all.

Should technology be muted to our younger generations such as children under 8 for a more developmental and well balanced life. The use of tech in children has proven to advance some learning abilities but the downside may be more … Continue reading

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Is Social Media Addicting.

Is social media (SM) addicting? I guess that depends on who you ask? From a doctors point of view one might say yes. From a hackers point of view I would say no. The reason is social media uses a … Continue reading

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Time for a change Google.

Google has become a risk, It would be advisable to obtain the asset as a Government agency The new Google should be connected to the CIA and NSA as a data repository for current illegal and terrorist tracking activities. This … Continue reading

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Big Data’s Darkerside

With the growing advancements in Data architecture, the darker side will hit the emotions of some and pockets of many industries in ways they may not have expected. Recent news shows the % of which college team is more likely … Continue reading

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The Avatar point

You live your life online your not in the real world anymore but we sent this message in to activate a few of you. Since the beginning of online gaming and VR and AU we have been manipulating the world … Continue reading

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The Tree of Life represents all that is in alignment with living. Its a symbol and a reality that serves to remind us of the importance of everything and how it all works together to serve the betterment of the … Continue reading

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The Truth about the Internet.

News feeds and images created by CGI can practically make anything look real. Today anyone can be a writer or journalist without thought to the need of a real education in the matter. News reports like China blowing up churches … Continue reading

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The Need for the great speaking Dragon

No, it’s not about dragons, but I thought that might spark your curiosity.  One might think in such an age of technological wonderment’s that we could produce a good voice recognition system (VRS) worthy of praise, I think Google leads … Continue reading

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Cash vs Cashless The food option

Its true 40% of Americans prefer to use credit cards for payments and 35% prefer debit cards. The benefits in a mega society outweighs the cost and risk associated with a cashless society, Risks you say? I never look at … Continue reading

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