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Vibrations our a part of everything in this world down to the most atomic level, we live in a world of vibrations from thoughts to emotions to metals to wood, Knowledge of vibrations prove that nothing that we think is … Continue reading

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BLOCKCHAIN ~from coin to code

While Satoshi may have created bitcoin and surprised the world with his creation, his sudden disappearance does leave much to ponder along with the technology legacy he leaves behind. Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) also known as Blockchain has opened many … Continue reading

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Hollywood needs Revamping

Although Hollywoods has had it ups and downs through the years, Times our changing. If Hollywood wants to get back to the days of nostalgic filmmaking they our going to need to use technology more efficiently and effectively. In its … Continue reading

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CyberSecurity Eco Systems

Cyber security holes is like an eco system in recovery at the moment. Their are many systems running on “Extremely” out dated software anything from DOS to windows Backdoor versions that were never patched on purpose. Job security was the … Continue reading

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Status update, While the world of crypto currency is running its numbers, I won’t be losing any sleep over it.  HeckaTech1337 will be online in September 2018 while this summer will be spent researching, relaxing and learning new technologies in … Continue reading

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The Tech of it all.

Should technology be muted to our younger generations such as children under 8 for a more developmental and well balanced life. The use of tech in children has proven to advance some learning abilities but the downside may be more … Continue reading

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Is Social Media Addicting.

Is social media (SM) addicting? I guess that depends on who you ask? From a doctors point of view one might say yes. From a hackers point of view I would say no. The reason is social media uses a … Continue reading

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Time for a change Google.

Google has become a risk, It would be advisable to obtain the asset as a Government agency The new Google should be connected to the CIA and NSA as a data repository for current illegal and terrorist tracking activities. This … Continue reading

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Big Data’s Darkerside

With the growing advancements in Data architecture, the darker side will hit the emotions of some and pockets of many industries in ways they may not have expected. Recent news shows the % of which college team is more likely … Continue reading

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The Tree of Life represents all that is in alignment with living. Its a symbol and a reality that serves to remind us of the importance of everything and how it all works together to serve the betterment of the … Continue reading

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